Safe effective Pilates for all ages and abilities

About Joanna



Working as a Level 4 REPS Registered Instructor, I meet many people with varying levels of fitness and various exercise needs. I work with people of all ages and I understand how exercise can change lives, allowing the young to feel fit and healthy and enabling older people to maintain independence and quality of life, as well as helping with many types of injury or condtion and any other problems experienced throughout different stages of life.

I started working in the Health and Fitness industry after working in PR and marketing when I left university. My passion had always been fitness and I soon took the plunge and retrained to enter the fitness industry, after realising that an office job was not for me. Working in a health club in Cambridge I soon undertook the Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor and Nutritional Advisor qualifications, along with Circuit Training, Indoor Cycling and Chair Based Exercise For Older People training courses. 

I turned to Pilates when I started to get a 'bad back' which I put down to lots of running and weight training, putting pressure on my lower back. I was amazed at how such slow and controlled movements could be so powerful and effective. Pilates helped me to become more aware of my posture and taught me how to strengthen the 'Power House of Muscle' in the core of my  body. By strengthening the muscles which supported my spine, enabling me to move in a safe and supported way, I could continue to do the things I loved. Further down the line Pilates enabled me to stay strong, with good posture through two pregnancies, making sure I only did exercises which were safe in pregnancy and would not damage my muscles, and to regain my deep abdominal strength and pelvic floor strength quickly after one natural birth and one C-section! As the years go by I am finding that Pilates is helping me to manage changes in my body and manage the symptoms of an auto immune condition, which might otherwise weaken my body and my resolve, affecting my quality of life. I am so grateful that I found this form of exercise for my mind and my body, and If I can do it, you can too!

I undertook 6 months of participation and observation in qualified instructor's Pilates classes before starting my training to become a Level 3 Pilates teacher. I have since continued my professional development by undertaking courses and workshops, including becoming qualified to teach ante-natal and post natal Pilates after completing the Pilates in Pregnancy course with Lynne Robinson of Body Control Pilates, as I knew their training was of the highest standard. 

I have also gained my Level 3 GP referral qualification, my Level 4 Lower back pain specialist qualification, and undertaken workshops for Pilates for Runners, Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for orthopaedic conditions, and more recently Pilates for pelvic floor health. I now run these very popular courses at various points through the year.

I believe that Pilates is an amazing method of exercise and I love to teach people both in groups or as individuals, watching them progress and hearing their positive experiences. 

It is important that you are discerning when looking for a Pilates class. All teachers should be happy to provide appropriate evidence that they are trained, qualified and insured, so don't feel embarrassed to ask for this information when booking. Please see my Certificates section.

Pilates is also very individual and I believe your instructor should ask you about any past or present injuries and any postural concerns you may have, and then work with you, giving you individual attention in each class to help with these problems. 

My class numbers are limited to ensure individual attention and I aim to provide safe, effective Pilates classes with clear, understandable instructions and a motivating, ‘down to earth’ approach.