Safe effective Pilates for all ages and abilities



"Jo's teaching style makes her Pilates classes really effective and enjoyable too. She is able to break down each of the exercises so they make sense and are achievable whatever your level. As a beginner I feel I'm learning lots, having fun, and feeling the benefits after just a few classes."

Louise Lowis

"After struggling with back, neck and shoulder pain for some time every medical professional I spoke to recommended Pilates. I was suffering with low core strength. I signed up to one of Jo's classes and within a couple of sessions my pain levels were noticeably lower and controllable. The class (level 1) catered very well for my novice needs and is now taking me to the next level. I swim competitively and my personal best times have started to fall due to this massive improvement in my core strength. I was suffering from headaches from my neck pain on an almost daily basis, now I have been headache free for weeks. The improvements in my strength have been so transformational I have now signed up to another one of Jo's classes, making two a week. I cannot recommend Pilates, Jo and her classes enough."

Reuben Smith


"My Osteopath recommended that I take up Pilates as a way of improving the muscles in my back. Prior to taking up Pilates, I was visiting an Osteopath on average once or twice a month, with chronic back pain sometimes unable to walk, this has been reduced drastically to around once a year so cannot recommend Jo enough!!

I have been attending classes with Jo for about 2 years now.

 Jo is a fantastic talented teacher, with endless patience and good humour. She will tailor a class to suit the different needs of everyone attending and is always willing to answer questions or offer advice on the exercises. Jo demonstrates each exercise as well as talking us through it and will go around us individually finding out how we are coping with the exercises and help correct or modify what we are doing to suit the individual.

 Every week is varied, interesting and fun. I would recommended her classes to anyone!"

Claire Miller

"I've been going to Jo's Pilates class for more than a year now and it's great. My flexibility has improved dramatically and I always feel so much better after going to the class. I definitely feel the difference when I haven't! Jo's classes are always different and she keeps it challenging but makes sure you're doing everything safely and correctly. I never worry about injuring anything."

Nancy Janzig

"Joanna is an excellent instructor who clearly knows how to teach safe and correct Pilates techniques to her classes. I have found Pilates enormously helpful in my recovery from a recent broken ankle and whilst I am not the most able member of the class, Joanna still helps me to get the most out of each class.  I had a one-to-one session with Joanna whilst I was still in my wheelchair and she gave me loads of exercises to help me keep up muscle tone.  I am sure the Pilates has helped me to recover more quickly and more completely."

Di Wright

"Jo's Pilates classes are exactly what I wanted, she is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who makes everybody feel welcome. The classes are carefully planned so that each week builds on previous exercises and I am really learning to strengthen my core muscles, which helps my general fitness and also helps me feel younger and in control of my middle aged body!"

Loren Parker

"I suffered for some months with a painful and inflexible hamstring - the physiotherapist recommended that I attend Pilates classes to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles which were adversely affecting my hamstrings.  After a few months of weekly classes the hamstring recovered but I've now been going to classes for two years as it has helped my flexibility generally.  I have complete confidence in Jo's professional approach and personal attention."

Valerie Sims

"Jo's classes are fun and she makes the exercises easy to understand. She is able to pitch them at the right level for the abilities in the group."

Jan Gooden

"Joanna is a fantastic Pilates teacher, she really personalises her teaching for you and recognises the areas you need help with. Pilates has really improved my overall muscle tone which has made me stronger in sports in general, especially running."

Fran Smith

"Joanna has shown me that as a complete beginner you can exercise according to your ability and build up strength in core muscles to relieve a bad back and aching neck caused my sitting at a computer all day; I walk better now; people have commented on my improved posture."

Josie Ciborowska

"Jos Pilates classes are brilliant. She is very competent and knowledgeable about the method. For each exercise, she explains its purposes, benefits and the different difficult levels that can be done allowing the participants to tailor the exercises according to their abilities.

Taking Pilates on Sunday mornings is a great start to a day that otherwise is a lazy day for me. It also brings diversity to the workout I do during the week."

Irene Ferreira

"Pilates gave me back a waistline. I am now in my 60s, but my muscles and deportment have improved and continue to improve with Pilates. It is great in that everyone can go at their own level; any small effort is a step forward."

Carol Parker